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Pit Stop in Philly

On the way to Lost City today. Really looking forward to being back in West Virginia & meeting the folk who have dedicated their time to the betterment of the community. WV is going to rise out of these ashes. I am floored by the amount of love and compassion that I see. I'll give you an example, a week ago or so I saw this facebook post:

"We have two gentleman wanting to go to Huntington from Martinsburg for treatment. They need immediate help and have an honest desire to make a change. The problem is they have no transportation. I have many friends on here always looking for opportunities to volunteer and help so here you go! Can anyone help some brothers out?"

Now that's at least a 5 hour drive. And someone put everything aside and made that trip. 10 HOURS round-trip. This is what I am seeing here and it is so inspiring. This gives me hope.

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